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What is Tres Leches Finance?
A Cryptocurrency so sweet you can actually taste it.
Tres Leches Finance was created on October 2021, our initial goal was to create a cryptocurrency project where we can give out something back to the community. Our main goal was to create a token where we can give scholarship awards to students in need, our main focus was to launch Tres Leches Cake as our first charity project. We launched the project with a lot of ups and downs, however, did never stop us from continuing and growing our utilities. To many, a cryptocurrency that is charity based won't be successful without utilities, and to some extent they were correct.
So what is Tres Leches Finance, is our approach to building new and better things with the right intentions. Our project has evolved from one cryptocurrency token to a family of tokens with utilities across all of them. Our initial goal was to launch in Cardano, Solana, and Binance Smart Chain. This has since evolved to become a multi-blockchain project to create our own blockchain project as well.
Flash forward to the year 2022 and we now have a cryptocurrency wallet, a smart swap, a stacking platform, an NFT for ownership, an NFT for Dessert Rolodex, a multi-blockchain token, and much more. we continue to build, evolve and develop and most of all to give back to others as best as we can.
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